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Welcome to Houston Area Church Website

Hello Readers. We are glad you landed on our pages. We believe we were called to help churches spread their message easily and affordably.
I’ve lived in different areas of Houston all my life. The city is so large that sometimes it feels like you are in another city when you travel to different areas of town. This website was born out of my frustration from when I was trying to find a new church home or a church to visit near my newly purchased home. We drove around many weeks and months visiting churches and eventually God lead us to the right church. We want only to be a tool for God’s business, ultimately the Spirit will lead you in the right direction.  We hope that you first ask God for guidance when looking for a new church home. Once you’ve done that you can browse through our site and get a feel for the church that is best for you or you and your family. Through the website you will be able to visit different church websites to see what ministries they offer that might be perfect for you and yours. Some churches offer a better environment for families with children with great children ministries in place. Other churches may be better for singles with a well established singles ministry. Houston is blessed with many churches with ministers and ministries that help our communities in great ways. We applaud them for their effort & dedication and hope we can help be a blessing to them.

So we want you to take your time and browse our site and hopefully you will gain something from it.

God Bless You