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Church Business Cards

Here is one low-cost idea that you can use to help advertise your church and raise awareness in the community. Print up business cards that are about the church — not a person or the pastor, but about the church. Include items like service times, a phone number for the office, maybe a map, your website. Print them by the thousands for your members to give away. My church did this and I was giving away several each week or so to people that I’d see in line, customer service people in fast food joints, or people standing around pumping their gas. Here is a sample idea.
  • It features the church name.
  • Worship times.
  • And a map.
The back contains phone numbers and website information. You can print these by the thousands for your members to give away. People may not be comfortable talking about their faith, but many are excited to invite people to church. This gives you a tool to put in the hands of your members to help them invite others.

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